Apr 25, 2010

(Finally) I Dream of Lucas

Good news, dreamers! This morning I had my first fully fledged Lucas North Spooks dream. Previously he has been the subject of a dream and his actions have reverberated throughout but he’s never actually madeĀ anĀ appearance in person, until now.

The plot and sequence of events was a dogs breakfast, as they say, so I will do my best to achieve some sense of clarity. The dream cast (pun intended) consisted of Lucas North, Jo Portman, myself, and the British actor/comedian Meera Syal (I saw an ad for the TV show Beautiful People earlier in the day). I believe we were all part of an MI-5 unit, although Meera’s role was a bit confused as she either played two parts or came back to life after being killed.

The dream begins with me watching Lucas North run over Meera in his car. She dies (sorry Meera!). The car was covered in mud and it is not clear whether the act was intentional or an accident due to his vision being obscured by the debris. Lucas is not aware that I have witnessed this event and I am unsure whether I watched this unfold as an observer of the dream, or as a participant in my role as part of the spy team. This dichotomy emerges a number of times.

After this scene there is a flashback to all of us walking down a busy suburban street in Essex (I’ve never been to Essex, so I have no idea what it actually looks like). Meera was larking about. I am not sure if she was an MI-5 officer or an asset under our protection. Jo was lamenting the fact that the place was being dragged down by new comers to the area (a reference, perhaps, to the mild anxiety I feel concerning my intention to spend some time in the UK next year).

Flash forward, Lucas, Jo and I walk into a quaint cafe/restaurant. Jo goes to the other side of the room and takes a seat. Lucas is very reluctant to follow her and we end up huddled in a corner booth near the entrance. He seems very distressed and I demand to know what is on his mind. Lucas confesses that he ran over Meera and becomes distraught. My response to this confession implies that I did not witness the event “in character” but as an observer. I am saddened and feel sympathetic towards his plight.

As if to symbolise Meera’s violent death, there is an old blood stain between us on the seat we are sharing. I comfort Lucas as best I can. His face is wet with tears. Although the dream is set in “real life” and there is no camera crew around, we do another “take” of this emotionally charged scene to make sure we get it right. It was quite moving and poignant I can assure you; BAFTAs all round! Although Lucas seemed sincere, I was not sure if he was telling the truth about the accident. It is interesting to note that in a previous dream with Jo and an unseen Lucas, which I mentioned earlier, a similar event took place in which Lucas killed someone he shouldn’t have. The fact that Jo is in both of these dreams is intriguing!

Later, Jo, Lucas and I are walking down another street, this one in a country-like setting. We are on course to visit Meera (back from the dead, apparently). The last thing I remember is Lucas calling ahead to Meera and suggesting that we pop in for a cup of tea with her mother.

Lucas North, the TEAtotalling lady killer.

The participant/observer dichotomy I mentioned at the beginning is an interesting one. I don’t think it is unusual within the context of dreams. I do wonder, however, what relationship it may have to my own association with the RA fan community; that of fan (participant) and as observer of RA fandom / fan fervor. There is a research method in the social sciences called participant observation whereby the researcher becomes involved in the community or group that is the subject of their research. I did not become involved in writing this blog and reading others for the purpose of research, but as one of my recent posts suggests, it is something that has aroused by curiosity. As a scholar, one’s curiosity is inclined to be funneled into research. This is not something that I have decided to do, but it has crossed my mind as a fun project to consider when my post-graduate slog comes to an end. Should this occur, there are tricky ethical issues to address. Whatever happens, I pledge to offer complete disclosure of my intentions.

I also pledge to continue recording my weird and wonderful dreams. I am currently in the process of setting up a new dream log page which will contain a list of links to all dream posts on this blog and include reports of dreams that are too brief for elaboration in a post. I can’t wait to find out what bizare tales my dreams bring next!

Images from RichardArmitageNet.


  • Since I’m getting in on this a little late, I look forward to your dream log!

  • I would love love love to dream about dreamy Lucas, but you beat me to it as always, Skully! Must open my own account with Dreams-R-Us in the ethereal realms or remain for ever envious!

    • MillyMe, I hope your account is approved in an expeditious manner!

  • Poor troubled soul.
    Lucas, that is, not you :D
    You make him kill someone, on his premiere no less?!?! That’s more nightmares and self-recriminations.. he’ll end up in tring if you don’t tread gently in your dreams.
    Now that Morpheus has lead you on the road up North, maybe you can take Lucas to a fun-fair.. or the pictures.. or a nice trip to the countryside. No more dead MBEs, please. Revived or not.
    As for observing yourself participating.. in dream or real life.. interesting. Must think about it.

    • Haha, actually it is me that is the troubled soul! (see my reply to Servetus’ comment/question). Take Lucas to the fair? How about a dusty old second hand book shop? That would be a fine treat :)

      • ..for him or you? LOL
        as for your troubled soul – I hope you keep dreaming.. and sharing :D

        • Both of us… or just me, seeing as that in the dream Lucas IS ME! I’ll keep on keeping on, for sure.

  • If you are Lucas (following my professional dream interpreter’s hermeneutic), who are you killing?

    • Oh gosh, what a question! Spoil the fun there Servetus! No, seriously, thank you for asking that, it really made me stop and think. It may not be a question of who Lucas/I killed, but ‘what’. And the fact it was still alive at the end of the dream despite being run over and killed is quite telling. Here’s my take on what it all means:

      I was diagnosed with a mild form of bipolar about six months ago and I’m going through a grieving process for my hypomanic states (represented by the glorious and joyous Meera, larking about – is she part of the team? An asset to be protected, or let go?). If Lucas is a symbolic representation of part of myself, he is the stern, “broody” me who knows that doing whatever it takes to avoid manic states is the right thing to do. The fact that I’m not sure if he intentionally ran over Meera or not may be significant.

      When Lucas is distraught over killing Meera, he represents the grief and sense of loss I feel towards my manic states which have not occurred in full force since being diagnosed. The blood on the seat Lucas and I share represents the danger that mania brings.

      I’m a bit unsure about the role of Jo. The fact that she was excluded from the exchange between me and Lucas, and in a previous dream was annoyed that Lucas had “killed someone he shouldn’t have”, may suggest that Jo represents the part of me that wants the mania. Which is hard to get my head around because Jo is such a sensible character – oh.. now I get it. I am a sensible person, why would I want the mania?

      As for the cup of tea with Meera’s mother, probably best I don’t go there!
      Thank you for the probing question!

    • Additional.. the walk to visit Meera (mania) at the end of the dream is a warning that I’m on course to have another hypomanic episode (my sleep pattern is currently all awry, which is a big trigger). By killing Meera, Lucas was trying to protect me. How sweet. I should trust Lucas on this one!

      • I apologize if it was too direct. I see a Jungian, and this is the sort of question she is always asking me, and it is really productive. I think your interpretation of the dream is amazing — you are really in tune to what is happening in your life.

        I can imagine that hypomania would be hard to let go of on my levels, so no wonder that you are dreaming about it. It’s often the place of the creative self, in my experience.

        • Not at all! I would not have made the connection/analysis if you hadn’t have asked the Q, so I am grateful. I’m surprised the interpretation came to me so rapidly upon reading it, actually. Perhaps I shouldn’t be. I subscribe to a branch of sociology called Symbolic Interactionism, so I imagine that transferring my practice of this discipline to personal symbolism should not be such a stretch. What’s really interesting is the parts of myself that Jo and Lucas represent. Obviously there are certain aspects of their characters that I personally identify with. Fascinating!

  • Please keep dreaming, Skully!

    Teena, doesn’t he already have considerable experience killing? In his previous medieval incarnation? How many murders did he have to his discredit in that premiere!?

    • I will!
      Lucas has a few bodies under his belt too, so he’s not unaccustomed to making a kill.

      • I thought it was funny that so many of the SB press interviews reproduced questions about how Mr. Armitage felt about learning to kill when Guy and Lucas are both killers. Maybe he kills a lot more people in SB.

        • Three killer roles in a row (Guy, Lucas, Porter), no wonder he’s keen to do some comedy!

  • Not certain where to comment this: but, for Spooks fans, have you caught “Foyle’s War”, currently running on U.S. PBS – up here, anyway. Rather a pre-curser to Spooks. WWII almost post-war, into Cold War. Foyle rather reminiscent of Harry Pearce. Similar ethical dilemmas. Filmed “old-fashioned” mode, no split screns, but rather effective. Try it?

    • Funny you mention this. I just saw an ad for the new series here in Australia and noticed a few familiar faces. Marian’s father from Robin Hood, and Margret’s father from North and South! I spotted an actor who appeared in an earlier season of Spooks too.

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