Jun 12, 2010

Friday Photo & Word of the Day: Ruth

One of the benefits of blogging to a global audience is that even though Friday has already passed in Australia (by 30 minutes), it’s still Friday somewhere in the world so I can still do a Friday Photo post! Today it’s the lovely Ruth Evershed. I know I go on a lot about Ros on this blog but the truth is, of all the female characters on Spooks, I’m most similar to Ruth (but I want to be Ros!).

So that’s the photo… but wait, there’s more! Thanks to Shaijinx, today’s Friday photo also comes with a word of the day: Ruth. It’s not just a name, it’s a noun! Have a great weekend!

WORD OF THE DAY: RUTH (Original Source)


Definition: Compassion or pity for another.

Definition: Sorrow or misery about one’s own misdeeds or flaws.

Definition: In the Bible, a Moabite woman who married Boaz and became an ancestor of David: the daughter-in-law of Naomi.

Definition: Book of the Bible bearing her name.

Definition: A female given name.

1. Even when she had been loudest in denouncing Ayala’s mutiny, her heart had melted in ruth because Ayala had been so unhappy. — Ayala’s Angel, Anthony Trollope

2. And speak me no soft words in ruth or pity, but tell me plainly how thou didst get sight of him. — The Odyssey, Homer


  • I was unfamiliar with Ruth, prior to Spooks 8 so I know little about her. She seems to fit into the Spooks’ pattern for females on the grid, either rather plain and technical savvy, (Connie, Ruth) or blonde and good-looking (Ros, Jo).This is my superficial reading, based on series 7 and 8. Ruth got over the death of step-son and husband rather easily in series 8.
    Amongst the new female recruits to series 9, Sophie Myles is another blonde, whilst Louala Rouass is a brunette bombshell so perhaps I’m totally wrong about a decided Spooks type?

    Pleasant task ahead, rewatching ep 3 ready for Monday’s discussion.

    Have a nice weekend, Skully, and if you’reinfluencing my dreams, please send me one about Lucas!

    • Oh you really need to see earlier series of Spooks to appreciate how capable Ruth is. There’s lots of good story lines with her. I’ve noticed the tendency for blondes too.. probably because I’m a brunette!

      I haven’t had any Spooks dreams for a while now (poo!) SOMEONE HAS STOLEN THEM. If I get them back, I’ll be sure to send you one about Lucas…. what kind would you like?

      • I would have said, any dream will do, but it would break my heart to have Lucas about to back-hand me. Otherwise, just bring on my dreamy Lucas!

        • I hear ya, I was a bit miffed when Sir Guy of Gisborne conspired against me in one of my dreams… but it was Gisborne, it should not have been a surprise. I’ll make sure it’s a nice one then… let us know when you have it!

  • Love Ruthie (and NW – just watched another 6 eps of Touching Evil – she’s brilliant!) but would still vote for Ros if I had to.
    Have a great WE, I might get round to re-watching 7.3 amidst all the football but can’t promise.
    Oh, and good luck to Australia on Sunday night, I still hope we win :D (I know you’re not into the beautiful game but still :)

    • Ha yes I honestly couldn’t give a toss about the football. It upsets all my favourite programing on the SBS channel here in Oz! I might, however, suddenly take an interest if Australia upsets Germany :)

      • sorry ’bout that then :D

        • The newspapers are calling it a “massacre” down here. A “masterclass” from the Germans. Lots of disappointed people out there.. think I might stay in doors today!

  • Ooh that’s awesome, can’t help by think that name was chosen for a reason (; I love both Ruth and Ros in different ways! Have a great weekend :D

    • Yes indeed, each has their own lovable qualities. No need to pick favourites! You have a great weekend too, Sephy!

  • Thanks for the Ruth photo and adding the Word of the Day, Skully. Very cool :)
    Ruth is my favorite female character, especially in the earlier series. When she first came on board, she was funny and a little weird, which I loved. I think Danny called her “bonkers” after that hilarious altercation with her desk lamp. Her interactions with others were fun to watch, too. Rocking out and singing along to the death metal song with Danny and Sam. Telling Adam “I’m not a mole!” when he wouldn’t tell her Fiona’s birthday gift. In series 8, Ruth is definitely more reserved although she and Tariq have some connection. Ros is superb. She has excellent lines and is a very strong character which is great to watch. I agree with Sephy in loving them both in different ways, but I connect more with Ruth.

    • Rocking out to a death metal song? WHEN? I can’t remember that one!

      • The death metal sing-a-long was in Series 3. It was the episode where MI-5 had to investigate the kidnapping of a baby. “Celebrity”, I think. In spite of the sad plotline, there were some funny moments. I liked when the model called Harry the Boss Spook and told him he wasn’t James Bond. Later Ruth, Sam and Danny are listening to a rock album and singing along and Harry walks in. I remember laughing out loud watching that scene.

        • Ohhh that’s why I dont remember it. I really really hate that episode so I never watch it (I’m a Nirvana fan from “back in the day”. They laid on the Kurt/Courtney references way too strong. Worst Spooks episode ever!). Might have to dig it out to catch that scene though, it sounds fun!

  • Love Ruth – so wonderfully portrayed by Nicola Walker. I certainly identified with Ruth in the earlier series – a bit of a “wannabe” proving to herself and others that she belongs in Section D. Her interactions with others on the grid is fantastic.

    And now in Series 8 & beyond…I think her and Tariq are a great team & I agree there was a connection (If you were a computer genius…If?)

    All this talk about the “ulitmate betrayal” (which could be just a red herring) makes me wonder – does Ruth turn ruthless…

    • Yes Nicola is great in the role! I love how her brilliance and steely determination contrasts with what appears to be insecurity. She often stumbles slightly when she speaks. I find that very realistic for a female character.

  • Well, anyone who’s been on the Spooks Forum will probably know what I think of Ruth.

    I’d rather be Ruth-less. Ahem. :-)

    • No woman would ever be good enough for Harry in your eyes! Except you, perhaps? ;)

      • Oh, I certainly don’t think I’m good enough for dear, dear Harry…he deserves someone fitter than me! Plus he’s fictional, which doesn’t make for a very balanced relationship. :-)

        I just find Ruth a total wimp, quite frankly and I’d like to slap some sense into her. I’m probably a bit too much like Juliet or Ros…

        • Yes… somehow I can’t see an inter-reality relationship working. If it where me, I don’t think I could resist nagging my fictional partner to “get real”…

          • LOL, lots of fun and wordplay to be had on your blog, Skully! Must get back to marking end-of-term papers pronto. I’m sadly lacking in discipline and will seize any excuse to sneak off, especially to anything that might remotely concern RA or his characters.

            • Ewwww, marking. Your poor thing. No wonder you’re sneaking off. I’m happy to provide a distraction were need be :)

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