Jul 18, 2010


One sugar filled delight available here down under that I don’t think is on the market elsewhere (except New Zealand) are PODS! While I was watching episode 7.7 in preparation for the rewatch post (which will be posted shortly), at the moment when Ros tells Connie to “step away from the pods”, these chocolaty treats immediately came to mind. Damn that Lucas and his high fat diet! I’m starting to develop serious cravings for bad bad foods. This raises the question – would Lucas add Pods to his dubious diet?

You can bet your sweet tooth he would!

The great thing about Pods is that you can do more than simply eat them. File the following under ‘You know you’re a fan of Spooks when’… you plan to buy a packet of Pods and place them in a highly visible location in your kitchen just so you can say “STEP AWAY FROM THE PODS” every time someone approaches them… yessiree, I’ve reached a whole new level of fantragicness!


  • I know right? How awesome are they? I like the Mars ones best.

  • seriously?!? YKYAFOS when…
    lecker as they look, you can’t tempt me with those pods.. sweet, juicy, crunchy snow peas in their pods though .. yum. Must go and make dinner.

  • They look so nice! And yes, I’d probably do the same thing if they did them in England.

  • Naturally, Lucas would eat a bag (or two) of PODs! After all that Russian prison food, who wouldn’t have a craving for the worst junk food back home?!

    My father did an extensive Intourist tour of Russia in the 1980s, and commented on the atrocious quality of hotel and restaurant food back then. So one can imagine the prison food…

  • Ooh, yes, Pods are great. haven’t had any in a long time … might have to go and find some. And I reckon Lucas would definitely go for them. I know they’re so more-ish I can eat far too many in one go.

  • Why do we not have those in the U.S., home to all nutritionally questionable food in the universe???!?

  • […] And if drinking aint your thang and you live downunder. Whenever someone goes through the pods, you can eat one. […]

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