Aug 24, 2010

Richard Armitage Fan Fantasies #1023 – 1033

#1023 Richard Armitage returns to Cbeebies to read a children’s story favourite, Walter the Farting Dog.

#1024 You log into Chatroulette for the first time and get lucky, real lucky..

#1025 Guy of Gisborne returns to our screens for a Spooks flavoured Children in Need special

Ros Vs Guy

#1026 Richard Armitage voices GPS navigation

#1027 Richard Armitage joins the weight loss thread on the C19 forums after devouring all the chocolate xmas gifts from fans

#1028 Following the popularity of the Guy of Gisborne action figures, the BBC releases a six pack of figurines including a “Little Thornton”, “Little Monet”, “Little Lucas”, “Little Harry”, “Little Strandring”, and “Little Deeming”. For the die hard fans there is also a limited edition “Little Officer Bob”.

#1029 Sky releases a 2011 John Porter calendar

#1030 Richard Armitage announces that in honour of his 40th birthday in 2011, he’ll be celebrating with 40 dates with 40 fans.

#1031 Activision announces the new music video game CELLO HERO featuring you know who

#1032 Hollywood remakes Dirty Dancing and casts Richard Armitage as Johnny Castle

#1033 You win two backstage passes to the GUY OF GISBORNE HAVOC TOUR

Credits: Images from my own archives, Richard Armitage Net and the original cello manip is by Angelfish. Thank you also to the kindly web mistresses of all the RA websites for helping to identify the creator of the cello pic.


  • Did I tell you you are freakin hilarious? Cuz you are! The only thing I would add is to see him offering Argentine Tango Lessons! OHHH YEAHHHHH!!!

    • Haha, thanks Sandra! Tango lessons? Sign me up! Actually, an old client of mine was professional tango dancer / instructor. He never paid his bills on time though so I had to say adios!

      • Should have tried to trade for lessons? :-) I’m hoping Porter gets send to Cuba or Argentina heck anywhere Latin where he has to use some Latin dance moves!!

        • I would have traded for lessons if he wasn’t so swarmy! He may have been a tall handsome Latin fella, but he was also a jerk!

          I think Lucas might be more up for the Latin moves than Porter!

          • Yuck! Know the type that assume they are sooo irresistable!
            True about Lucas but I thought the odds for Porter ending somewhere with Latin flair were higher although they do have amazing dancers in Russia…

            • haha, this is true :)

        • Ok, just immagined Lucas/JP moving his hips to the sound of the music *thud*

          OML :)

  • This is priceless, Skully!
    My new favorite post of yours. :)

    • Hehe, thanks Nat!

  • ROTFL! Loved nº 1025 and 1029.

    OML :)

    • :D

      #1023 is my fav.. as ‘Walter’ is a favourite book of a little friend of mine :)

  • Wicked fun!! Learned something; never heard of Chatroulette before, will have to check if that Walter story is in my library! Yes, to bring Gisborne back to life!!!! Would be very interesting if he could would Gis be the same or looking like a mix of Lucas or Porter?
    I want a King of Leons / Guy vid so far only Thornton ones which I think is surprising. Not expecting too much is it?

    • Do check out Walter! He is awesome!

  • ROFL

    #1204 What a spin out that would be!

    • Wouldn’t it! I haven’t tried chatroulette yet. All the women I know who have tried it have only encountered men keen to show them their member… classy.

  • Brilliant! Sign me up for one of those dates!

    • Get in line, lady!

      • No problem…willing to wait my turn!

  • I would buy that GPS in a heartbeat!!!! I read that Snoop Dog did a GPS, I think RA should too!!! This post was fantastic!!

    • ROFL! You kill me!! “Pull my finger” Indeed!

      • I couldn’t resist goin’ low brow on that one!

    • Thanks Rob!

  • I’d just listen to him playing a tango on the cello, while munching truffles….

    • Tango on the cello? Interesting!

  • This is so funny, however, I REALLY do want a GPS with RA’s velvet voice directing my every turn… yes that would be heaven. I don’t think I would ever stay home, I would always find “someplace to go” just to listen to that incredible voice. Thanks for the smiles and chuckles – this is a fun blog to visit :)

    • Haha, yes I think actually that a RA voiced GPS might be bad for the environment!

  • LOL: Thank you so much. I really needed to laugh:)
    YOU: OMG . Stranger: why hello there. I wish….

    • You’re welcome, Alfie!

  • Hilarious. Second best moment of the week after Sunday’s massive win.
    Still, unless I’m the usual shallow reader – at #1028 I’m missing a certain ‘Little John (P)’ .. surely he’d be the ultimate action figure?! LOL

    • Little JP would be the ultimate action figure! But he’s not BBC… in any case, judging the response to Strike Back, I think a blow up doll might be more popular!

      • as usual, wasn’t thinking :P
        still, I reckon this warrants a rare Sky/BBC joint venture…as for Blow-Up-Porter I guess you don’t mean Semtex kind of blow up?! LOL I’d second that, always been the big bang lover :)

        • blow up Porter…..ROFLMAO!!!!

        • LOL! I think this is getting a bit weird now ;)

          • I shall refrain from further comments :D



    I, too, would buy the GPS, and I don’t even have a car! LOL

    • haha, now that’s extreme fan dedication! perhaps you could use it when you go for a walk :)

      • LOL! She could use it to go to the supermarket near home (which she probably knows how to arrive even blindfolded) just to hear his voice.

        OML :P

        • You both are closer to the truth than you think! I have NO sense of direction and have in the past talked about needing a GPS to find my way around on foot. LOL!

          BTW, Skully, ROFLOL on the Ros V Guy smackdown. It’s the dagger crossed with the FORK that gets to me! Bwhahahaha!!!!

  • You will have to laugh….I have recently contacted TomTom and put that to them: Get RA as a TomTom voice. I said many women may not get out of their car! They took me seriously and have passed the request on to their marketing team!! Fingees crossed eh? I even offered to get up a petition so they could work out the potential buyer numbers! lol
    And yes, Snoop Dog has done one, as has Billy Connelly which is highly amusing.
    Wouldn’t it be even better if we could switch to whichever character of RA’s we want narrating? Or actually, just RA would do me happily : )

    • An RA voiced Tom-tom…I am sooo there…

    • Nice work! I think I’d want Harry narrating, he seems the most kindly of all RA’s characters that I’ve seen. Gisborne and Lucas might be a little gruff!

      • -In your car. You’re not following the GPS directions. GPS with Guy’s deep voice when trying to stay calm: “*Your name*… You’re not following my directions. Take…the next exit.”-

        Me melts.

  • I loooved this. I am so happy that the colleagues I share the office with are on vacation because I could not contain myself when I read this; I had to squeeee :)
    O yes, a TomTom with his voice!!!

    • haha… in a deserted office… no one can hear you squee!

  • Very nice post, again! I especially like the following numbers:

    1024 If you get lucky… Like the thought. Shock, it´s naughty! Good thing I checked the link, ´cause I never heard of it.

    1025 WHOAH You mentioned my idea! Bring it on! The radiosilence is promising….

    1026 GPS apps! Are you reading my thoughts? Type in your destination: “Demand away” or “So where can I sleep tonight?”

    1029 And Porter jeans!

    • Yes! Porter Jeans!!

  • Post of the day! Definitely! :D Made me giggle.

    I don’t do chatroulette but wow, if one came across RA… and I SO want RA on my TomTom! Although perhaps it would be distracting and instead of turning “right on the roundabout, third exit” in 300 yards, we’d just sit there saying “aaaahhh that lovely voice!” and miss it!

    Cello Hero *lol* Hey, he looks really hot with a cello. Even more so than usual!

    RA as Johnny Castle – *fans herself with laptop*

    Not to mention the 40 dates 40 fans thing… Where’s the queue start? ;)

    • Thanks, Traxy!

      I think tyme4t is first in line for the 40 dates – queue starts there!

  • I saw this post earlier, and i can’t believe I didn’t comment on it! Anyhow, the look in #1024 that RA gives to the screen is just something else, like he has something naughty he wants to say ;), and IIRC that’s from an interview where he’s just being himself :)

    As for the Roz vs Guy poll, was that poll posted on this blog? I feel like it was but I can’t remember who won. I’m thinking it was Roz.

    As for the GPS thing, @anotherRAloon, that is so bold that you contacted TomTom! I’d never have the guts to do that, but I’m so glad you did! I mean if Snoop dog has done it (I can’t believe that) then how on earth is it possible that RA hasn’t? And all I know is that his voice better be available for the North American GPS programs!

    • That’s right! I hosted a Ros/Guy poll a while ago. It’s here!

  • This is great, Skully! I LOVE the ChatRoulette. LOL! I would probably keel over if that popped up on my screen. LOL!

    And I MUST KNOW if RA ever records for GPS! Please someone let me know if that happens!

    • Apparently Ashton Kutcher has popped up in ChatRoulette a few times… so you never know!

      • But Ashton is a social media whore, so it’s expected. :D

        • Ah, so that’s how he gets people to go see his lame ass movies?

  • Lol, these were hilarious…Are you sure you do not share funnies with Family Guy?

    • Family Guy.. hehe I haven’t watched that for ages! Now there’s an interesting idea for a spin off series… Family “Guy” (as in Gisborne!)

  • Well, he could be dancing the tango with the cello (perhaps the image doesn’t bear thinking about), will stop here.

    Except for GPS – who said, “I’d buy it, and I don’t even have a car!”? (pi, you’re guilty as charged!)

    • lol! Well a cello is rather shapely ;)

  • Lol … !!

    What about the Southern Hemisphere RAfantasies?
    #1036 – RA joins the cast of the Sydney Theatre Company to play the lead in their new production of “The Rover” in 2011 opposite Cate Blanchett.
    #1037 – RA to spend a minimum of 12 months filming a number of works
    a) A feature film of Spooks where MI-5 sends Lucas to Oz undercover … with Ros :)
    b) Two episodes of Strike Back set in the Australian bush
    c) Bard the Bowman in PJ’s “The Hobbit”.

    • Haha, don’t put ideas in my head, mulubinba!
      RA and Cate Blanchett on the same stage? Oh YES please!!
      I can see RA in a gritty Aussie outback flick, in the style of ‘The Proposition’.
      I’m still waiting for Spooks to weave in a plot with ASIO. Lucas & Ros downunder undercover would be perfect!

  • I LOVE your ideas! Giggling all around the house.

    • Thanks, essbee!

  • I would play Cello Hero. I would buy a whatever I need to play that one game.

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