Mar 21, 2011

Lucas North Dreaming

For the final day of the Fanstravaganza the Spooks Fan Blog presents some fan dreams about Lucas North! I’ve sure had a few in my time. None lately though, sadly. The last one was in November of last year. It seems that Lucas’ mission (symbolism) is done as far as Ms. Skully is concerned. Oddly enough, Julian Assange seems to have taken his place for the next phase of my bipolar related dreams. And the Australian ABC TV reporter Stephen McDonell has entered the fray as well. So with Lucas now absent from my nocturnal travels I am quite envious of our dreamers today who are kindly sharing their dreams with us. Thank you ladies! If you’ve had a Lucas dream too, please share it in the comments below. You can remain anon if you wish.

I just commented recently, that I do not dream about Lucas North, and think exactly this triggered a reaction in me. When I went to bed yesterday, perhaps involuntary your blog post was still working in my mind. I immediately thought about Lucas North and how he survived the end of Spooks 9. It was a fully established story, I will at a later time try to work out in a fan-fictional sequel of Spooks 9. I had to get up and take notes not to forget all the complicated details and personal constellations which would make this plot work. But to my astonishment, it explained quite a lot of the unsolved story lines of Spooks 9 with Maya, Vaughan, the real Lucas North, etc.

When I went to bed and slept again, the one thing I can vaguely remember of dreaming about was that Lucas came on a visit together with his sister, perhaps because I had let him survive earlier? But as neither Lucas North nor John Bateman or Richard Armitage do have a sister, it was very strange. But only at the time of the dream it was a lovely situation, as far as I can remember as a general feeling concerning the dream. Unfortunately, for this dream sequence I do not have the slightest remembrance of any context why they came for a visit to have some tea with me. I only can remember that it was somewhere in England, but nothing like Dibley. Perhaps I read too many of the comments on Servetus’ blog ;o)

- CDoart

I was on a tree-lined street, similar to where I grew up. Ahead of me was a bus at a bus stop that I wanted to board. Even though it was a regular bus stop, it was a tour bus. I wanted to take the tour. I started running as it pulled away. Even though the driver saw me, he didn’t wait for me. The bus was empty except for the driver, who was Lucas North. I ran after it. Then it turned a corner and pulled over and Lucas got out. I stopped and watched. Lucas got into an empty parked car and it looked like he was on a stakeout so I didn’t acknowledge him. I just walked past.

- Anon RA Vidder

Dream Factory
Dreams come and go, there is no predicting them or anticipating them. I am no expert and I gave up unraveling their meaning. Although they happened a long time ago I have had a few dreams that have dumbfounded me and their memory linger with me to this day. The most profound one was like an outer-body experience; watching the waves on the North Sea as I flew across from England towards my family on the continent.

I have had celebrity dreams come at me out of the blue. Nigel Havers perhaps made some sense having a young girl crush but Crocodile Dundee aka Paul Hogan?? Do humor me but never being a fan girl I still don’t understand how John Cuzack invaded my dream in such a personal shocking manner. No, I hadn’t seen him recently in a movie or at least not recent enough to link it to the dream.

But now that I have become a fan girl to such a degree that I collect pictures and follow more than several blogs. I even have a growing number of his performing works visually and auditory, not to mention about 400+ fanvids better known as music videos in my library, one would think I’d be dreaming about the guy! It is a running joke and highly valued amongst fellow fans to dream of Richard Armitage. Frankly, it’s not something I honestly personally aspire to. Sure, I might joke about it on twitter as a glib remark. Which one evening after someone’s mention of certain wish I follow her lead. Sure enough that night my first dream presented itself.

Interestingly I was a college student, entering my dorm ready to make acquaintance with my new roommate. I come upon a scene where Alex, the fictional daughter was taking her leave of her parents John Porter aka Richard Armitage and Diane Porter aka Nicola Stephenson. Both characters were featured in Strike Back (2010 TV series). Not much else happens except that I’m not fazed unlike other students by his fame. Just about there the dream ends with a feeling of empathy for his daughter wanting to friend her for who she is rather than who’s daughter.

My second dream had more details. I found myself in Italy and chance upon a young studious looking Armitage with a backpack slung over his shoulder walking the street. I discover we share the same neighborhood but I keep politely my distance. Nevertheless my curiosity gets the best of me and I find myself following him discreetly. One day I spot him meeting friends and by sheer luck with the help of metal piping I overhear a piece of their conversation. Although upon waking I fail to recall exactly it boils down to him demonstrating to fellow actor students how to switch accents in a sentence. Hence I hear him speaking in a classic English, to a Northern and an Irish accent! The Irish obviously a surprise as so far that hasn’t been demonstrated in any of his works.

Then it finally does happen; a dream directly linked to said fan activity. After 9 months of watching music videos featuring one or many of RA characters I fall asleep watching a Lucas North fanvid (strength in numbers). That night I dream of Richard Armitage looking like Lucas North. I find myself at a party where he is amongst friends and I’m among strangers. Oddly enough my youngest child is with me and somehow I injure my eye and blood is spilling. Desperately I hope for him to notice and come to my aide. Alas and on the note my hero (Lucas North is predominately a heroic character) fails to come to my rescue and I wake up.

My last dream is abstract if not familiar with Wattpad. Wattpad claims to be the YouTube of e-books; a free platform for budding writers. What makes Wattpad unique is that each story has an e-book version available for download to mobile devices. Within the last year, several writers have gathered there with their Richard Armitage character fan fiction which I’ve enjoyed tremendously. In my dream Wattpad materializes into our dimension and I find myself in the Richard Armitage lounge where the characters hang out.

Central in the lounge is a beam where you can beam up IN the story and experience it!! The funniest part of this sci-fi dream is that Monet; one role portrayed is present in the lounge. To my knowledge no fan fiction features Monet and being a historical figure doesn’t classically present itself as a subject to fan fiction. I particularly enjoyed this dream as I could appreciate the creativity of my brain in creating a 3D version of a ebook community that me and my friends visit/use a lot.

Cheers, over and out! iz4blue/Fanny
PS.: As Skully contacted me I had another glitch of a dream! I must have been part of the Spooks cast and in a silly moment I make a low blow crack about another cast member. Where upon I get a lesson spieled by Richard Armitage about professionalism ;-)


  • I haven’t had a Lucas dream… but if I did, I hope it would be S8 Lucas because he’s the hottest! :)

  • Thank you, Skully, for printing my dream!
    I really will have to do the ‘solution’ for Spooks 9 now ;o)
    I hope I will find some time soon.

  • I too dream of celebrities and characters a lot. Loved reading these dreams; they are quite vivid. My dreams of Richard Armitage characters are plentiful and usually very funny.

  • I’ve envied those who have dreams with details! Mine tend to be atmospheric, though actual people are in them – mainly family or friends. But a few years ago, I kept a notebook beside the bed, had a scary dream (fortunate that one wakens before the denouement such as being caught by the murderer in pursuit, etc.)and scribbled down whatever I could recall. And wrote a doppelganger short story.

    How disillusiong is Lucas snores. Well, maybe not really :D

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