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New Blog: Richard Armitage on the Phone

There’s a new Richard Armitage blog in town (discovered via @bccmee) that totally tickles my silly sense of humour. It’s called: RICHARD ARMITAGE ON THE PHONE. Will it be as outstanding as Kim Jong-il Looking at Things? Only time will tell.

Here’s some I created earlier (from the Spooks Fan Blog media library) which I guess would be more accurately described as ‘Lucas North and/or John Bateman on the phone’. Please feel free to download and submit these to Richard Armitage on the Phone if they aren’t on the blog already.

Question: Do comms count?

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6 Comments on "New Blog: Richard Armitage on the Phone"

  • Twinkling Moon says:

    Okay, late here and must get up early, but your post has me cracking up! Man, our guy sure does spend a lot of time on the phone. Can’t remember if you ever RA as John Porter, but he seemed to find a phone in the middle of the desert too, ha! ha!

    Thanks for the laughs :)

    PS does it look like the phone is too small for his hand to anyone else?

  • Teena says:

    funny, was watching SB the other day (series 1, o/c) and the phone scenes made me think of Lucas (nevermindthatotherjohn)… will check out the new blog on the block.. looks like fun ;)
    RA on the phone.. could be a great new drinking game…

  • bccmee says:

    I’ve always been oddly intrigued by how much time Lucas spends on the phone! There are other recurring themes such as running and drinking coffee. These would make lovely drinking games too. :)

  • phylly3 says:

    Oh! These are good! I think I need to use some too! :)


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