Sep 18, 2011

Spooks 10 Drinking Games

Are you following the Spooks Fan Blog on Twitter? We had a little fun recently coming up with ideas for hypothetical drinking games during the airing of Spooks (NOT LONG TO GO NOW!). Using the hashtag #spooks10drinkinggames, here’s a sample of what we came up with:

Every time Ruth looks away from Harry meaningfully, we have to down a shot of lavender oil (@BunchOfSteve)

When Tariq says “facial recog” & every time Ruth walks into Harry’s office w/o knocking (@shaijinx)

Any mention of a deceased team member and any mission’s codename (@TheMozFromOz)

When downloading 2usb &/or see screen of said important information downloading against the clock (@katy_aka_bob)

Words ‘eyeball’ ‘alpha 1′ (@golddustalex)

Drink whenever Harry and Ruth gaze at each other lovingly but their relationship doesn’t progress (@walktothestars)

Drink every time a character onscreen dies (@golddustalex)

And some of my suggestions @SpooksFanBlog:

Whenever you hear the words ‘the comms won’t work underground’

Should you be wanting to get paralytic (not advised!) Whenever Harry is on the phone

Shots of vodka at the mention(s) of Lucas/John

If Tom or Zoe turn up, go the whole bottle!

And if drinking aint your thang and you live downunder. Whenever someone goes through the pods, you can eat one.

Got your own suggestions? If you’re on Twitter, file them under #Spooks10drinkinggames. If not, suggest em in the comments below!

And whatever happens HAVE ONE FOR ROS!


  • LOL! I would be too drunk to remember what the episode was all about!
    How about one every time they mention The Home Secretary? (They seem to do that a lot).

  • Every time harry tries to resign but it doesn’t come to fruition

  • hilarious.. I’ll find a few no doubt… been too busy with pirates latey.. and drinking :D

  • Shots of vodka at every mention of Lucas/John?
    Whoops, I just fell off a roof…byeeee

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