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Mar 5, 2012

Theorising Lucas North, John Bateman and William Blake

I’m still hanging out for someone to provide a compelling theory for John/Lucas’ enduring interest and/or dedication and obsession with the English poet and mystic William Blake. If you’re a regular reader of this blog you may recall that it’s been a fascination of mine. I don’t know a hell of a lot about William Blake and there may not have been a precise reason for the writers to involve Blake in the Lucas/John story – but that doesn’t mean we can’t take a stab at creating one. As you can probably guess, I’m not interested in hearing about so-called character contradictions and holes in story lines and plots for this particular discussion (so please respect these parameters – if you find serious discussion of John/Lucas irritating or impossible because you think season nine was a bucket of bollocks then this discussion might not be for you). Yes, I know it’s hard, but just try your darnedest to put that aside for a moment and consider genuine theories as to how William Blake inspired, comforted, (mis)informed, or motivated John. This discussion is as much about understanding William Blake as it is about understanding John Bateman. An interest in Blake is the only solid thing we know about the character (or is it?). The floor is open..

Aug 30, 2011

New Blog: Richard Armitage on the Phone

There’s a new Richard Armitage blog in town (discovered via @bccmee) that totally tickles my silly sense of humour. It’s called: RICHARD ARMITAGE ON THE PHONE. Will it be as outstanding as Kim Jong-il Looking at Things? Only time will tell.

Here’s some I created earlier (from the Spooks Fan Blog media library) which I guess would be more accurately described as ‘Lucas North and/or John Bateman on the phone’. Please feel free to download and submit these to Richard Armitage on the Phone if they aren’t on the blog already.

Question: Do comms count?

Jul 8, 2011

Friday Photo: A Glimpse of John?

While rewatching season seven of Spooks recently, this scene from episode 7.8 involving Lucas North following the explosion that killed Connie Jones, gave me pause for thought. Given what we NOW know about Lucas North (should you choose to accept that it wasn’t just all a very, VERY bad dream!), I couldn’t help but interpret this moment in a slightly different light. When Lucas becomes emotional here, we assume it is due to having just been told that Connie was responsible for selling him out to the Russians, leading to his eight year long incarceration.

For those of us who adored Lucas and are holding out (in vain) for some kind of redemption for John, an additional interpretation could be this – while Connie’s revelation no doubt contributed to him momentarily coming undone, I wonder whether being so close to the explosion in the underground had an affect as well. With the strong force of its blast and all that dust raining down on him, surely it must have reminded him about the bomb that he was responsible for and witnessed in Dakar. Was the emotion he displayed also a sign of regret? Of trauma related to the senseless destruction of his own creation? (obviously I’m not speaking literally here in the sense that Richard Armitage or the writers knew that Lucas would become John, but strictly from the point of view of the fictitious world of Spooks).

Just as Mulubinba searched for the good in Guy of Gisborne of Robin Hood, by virtue of my affection for Lucas North, I am condemned to seek the good in his true self, John Bateman. Why he saw it fit to take innocent lives in Dakar we will never know, but thanks to an ability for reading too much into things, I hope that this moment can now be reinterpreted as a meager expression of John’s remorse. Perhaps when he said to Harry that he had endured being tortured by the Russians because he thought he deserved it, he wasn’t lying. A deluded fan girl can only hope!

Jun 22, 2011

The Hidden Role of Fantasy in the Lucas/John Aftermath

This was supposed to be a brief post, it ended up being over 2000 words. Sorry! This will probably only be of interest to active online Richard Armitage fans, most of whom I am at odds with over the Lucas/John story line in Spooks. Here I hold myself up for slaughter once again.

Today I’m going to way in once more on the tricky subject of Richard Armitage fan fervor that I’ve been blogging about periodically since starting this blog over 12 months ago. There is something that has been on my mind since the intensely hostile and borderline hysterical anti-Spooks writer sentiment that some RA fans were venting following the demise of Lucas North in series nine of Spooks (I anticipate getting into trouble for using the words ‘borderline hysterical’. I’m not saying that everyone who didn’t like the story was hysterical but SOME certainly erred close, so I stand by it!). I’ve chosen not to mention my thoughts on the blog until now because I suspected it would be an unwelcome observation. But now I feel that perhaps the time is right to bring it up.
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May 27, 2011

Friday Photo: Lucas/John

He may be mad, bad and deadly, but this newly surfaced publicity photo of John Bateman aka Lucas North has been causing quite a stir among Richard Armitage fans of late.

Need I say more. You can find a high quality version of it at RichardArmitagenet. And if you’re looking for something to decorate your desktop with you should go visit Bccme’s blog where you’ll find a rather impressive Lucas North themed wallpaper featuring the William Blake print ‘The Ancient of Days’ which is emblazoned across Lucas’ chest. Have a great weekend!

Image from RichardArmitageNet Photo Gallery.

Mar 21, 2011

Lucas North Dreaming

For the final day of the Fanstravaganza the Spooks Fan Blog presents some fan dreams about Lucas North! I’ve sure had a few in my time. None lately though, sadly. The last one was in November of last year. It seems that Lucas’ mission (symbolism) is done as far as Ms. Skully is concerned. Oddly enough, Julian Assange seems to have taken his place for the next phase of my bipolar related dreams. And the Australian ABC TV reporter Stephen McDonell has entered the fray as well. So with Lucas now absent from my nocturnal travels I am quite envious of our dreamers today who are kindly sharing their dreams with us. Thank you ladies! If you’ve had a Lucas dream too, please share it in the comments below. You can remain anon if you wish. Continue reading »


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