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Sep 12, 2011

Nicola Walker & Peter Firth Surveillance Footage

In the lead up to Spooks 10.1 this Sunday, I thought it might be fun to spend some time with Ruth and Harry before we learn how their story is going to end (or begin?). So I hereby declare this to be RUTH & HARRY WEEK on the Spooks Fan Blog. Let’s start with this sneaky footage of Nicola Walker and Peter Firth during filming for Spooks 10. It was uploaded to YouTube on June 5, 2011. Caption says “They weren’t shooting a scene, they were just walking down the street as friends between takes. Nicola had just arrived. SO cute!!”

Dec 3, 2010

Friday Photo: Bad Boy Peter Firth

Source: Yahoo Movies

Remember the Harry Pearce caption contest I started during the airing of Spooks series 9? Well apparently I got too caught up in the excitement of the new series and completely forgot about it! So I’m opening the contest up for another week. Click here to go to the post and add your caption (do not put your captions on this post, click the link and post them on the contest post!). Thank you to those who have already entered (you can submit two entries so please submit another one if you like!). Pictures of the prizes have now been added to the contest post. Check em out and good luck!

Jun 26, 2010

Peter Firth Charity Auctions on eBay

Harry fans! There are a bunch of Spooks items signed by Peter Firth up for auction on eBay right now, including one of Harry’s ties and a pair of suspenders! Reportedly the proceeds are going to charity, but the item listings are light on detail so it is unclear what charity will be benefiting from the monies raised. One assumes this is legit. I recall the auctioneer popping on the Spooks Forum a while back so I think this has been planned for a while. THE AUCTIONS FINISH TODAY! So if you’re keen to get yourself a unique piece of Spookabilia (Spookibilia? Sweet, I just invented a word for Spooks collectibles), don’t delay! Bid now! Click here to see the Peter Firth Auctions.

Thanks to Picard1109 to alerting SFB to these auctions.

Jun 15, 2010

What Makes Harry Pearce Sexy?

Generally speaking, female fans of Spooks can be broadly divided into the following two groups; Team Harry and Team Lucas. Obviously, Team Lucas has dominated the play on this blog so far, but I know there are more than a few Harry Heartthrobs lurking out there, so ladies, this post is for you. The question I’m posing today is; what makes Harry Pearce sexy? I ask this question because if we were to accept the mythologies of popular culture, we would believe that sexiness and attractiveness is the exclusive domain of the young, the physically fit, and those with a full head of hair. Sir Harry Pearce represents none of these things yet the the Harry Heartthrob brigade insists he / Peter Firth is the most swoon worthy spook on the show.

I love hearing about what people find sexy that is different from the expected norm. Sexiness is not just the domain of the young, but in order to facilitate some cultural fine tuning in regard to our concept of it, discussions like this can help expand the way it is collectively defined. So maybe, just maybe, one day I’ll come across one of those stupid ‘Sexiest People’ lists and find the big adorable sexy intellectual giant that is Stephen Fry with a spot in the top five.

In my mind, certain brands of humour are pretty darn sexy. Humour is of course always a desirable and attractive quality, but how often do we refer to it as sexy? One of my comedic crushes is not the most physically attractive man on the planet and has quite a peculiar voice but he never fails to make me laugh. His brand of humour reveals his quick wit, intelligence, unique world view and critical social eye (comedians make the best social commentators, never mind all that social science twaddle!). The comedian I refer to is the brilliant (and sexy!) David Mitchell.

I’ve heard many Richard Armitage fanatics talk of running full pelt to the TV when they are alerted to his presence on screen. I’m equally inclined to race to the TV when Mr. Mitchell makes an unexpected appearance. A handsome face alone has never landed me in the sack. Great conversation that’s full of big laughs on the other hand and I’ll see you at first, second, third base and all the way home. Humour trumps hunk every time! (RA seems to be pretty darn funny fella himself, though. I recall a couple of wise cracks on the Robin Hood DVD commentaries about Inspector Gadget and Big Brother that had me in stitches. Gordon Kennedy was pretty entertaining too).

I’m rather fond of British gents apparently! And somewhat nerdy/dorky ones at that. Alain de Botton is another fav. Returning to Harry Pearce, one thing that’s alluring about Harry/Peter is his voice. I must confess that I watched a documentary earlier this year simply because Peter Firth was narrating it. So, what makes Harry Pearce sexy? Is it his temperament, his gentle way? His admirable principles and stoicism? Because he has the hots for an intelligent woman like Ruth? You tell me….

With thanks to for the Harry screencaps.

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